Nikon Zf pixel shift


Pixel shift shooting on a Zf can produce 4, 8, 16, or 32 images. The first two generate 24mp images, the latter two, 96mp.


Curiously, Nikon doesn’t do anything in camera to distinguish the “shifted” images from “normal” ones other than writing a new Maker Tag in the EXIF data. When you select Pixel shift shooting and set it to take 32 images, for instance, the camera shifts to NEF and takes 32 NEF images that show up in your playback as separate NEF images. Bring those images into Nikon NX Studio and select the pixel shift image icon and the software will look at all the images on the currently viewed folder and find all the shifted stacks via the Maker Tag


It [NB: Nikon NX Studio] can produce one or more images that are “merged,” and it will save those as a NEFX file (not currently supported by other raw converters, however just remove the X in the file extension and it may show up in your converter as a normal NEF, surprisingly even as a 97.5mp image).

End excerpts.

DxO PhotoLab (PL) needs to add the same functionality. I do not own nor have I tested a Nikon Zf. If anyone has one, once DxO supports the Zf body, would you kindly test if a Nikon NX Studio renamed .nefx file (to .nef) is supported by DxO PL? I fully understand that a raw 97.5 Mpix image file would take a significant bench time to process.