Nikon Z9 with Z lenses or FTZ plus F-mount lenses optics modules support

When will DxO has optics modules for the forthcoming Nikon Z9 using either Z mount lenses (most of which are from Nikon) or FTZ plus all of the F mount lenses (from Nikon and many others) that currently have support for Nikon DSLRs (e.g., D5, D6, D850)? How long does it typically take DxO from the release of a new “pro” body to support in optics modules? (I suspect that DxO has mathematical “models” for each lens including teleconverters, and for each body, and then uses something akin to mathematical convolution to produce a new optics module, or else there must be both a great deal of testing of a very large number of combinations (including focus, zoom, and aperture) – and a huge inventory of lenses and bodies – to do each combination through direct measurements – a very time consuming and delaying process.)

While I can not give you any details, I am sure DxO will support this incredible new camera as soon as possible.

Keep in mind also that Nikon introduce a new raw format, so it will be some extra work for DxO to support it too.

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