Nikon Z9 support

I bought photolab 6 elite and Nik Collection 5 and now I see that my Nikon Z9 is not supported.
When will there be an update? Can I use version 5.2.0 until then? If so, how should I proceed?

Of course the Z9 is supported. Have a look here:

I believe that the new HE NEF is not yet supported but should be coming soon.

No news on it coming soon. DxO has never supported compact RAW formats from Canon. Not sure if Nikon ever had them.

Hi Alec,

According to @Marie it is scheduled to be supported “This year”. This was posted in June. It’s almost December now. I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

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Good point. I’ve been holding my breath for iPhone DNG support to be added back. I turned purple last year and am on life support since.

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DxO PhotoLab 5.2.0 and PureRAW 2.0.0 supports the Z9. I have already pointed this out.

I just wish DxO would give an update; “this year” is rapidly coming to a close.

Like I said: I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Well, the geniuity of this sentence is, it’s always “this year”. After the current year the next “this year” is already queueing :grin:

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Photolabs 6 only works with LC RAW. The program recognized the Z9 and the lens. Everything works, but I would like to use HE RAW.

Here’s a new post in another thread by @Cecile-C

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