Nikon Z9 support

Now that the RAW files are supported by Pure Raw for the Nikon Z9 when can we expect the RAW to be supported by Photo Lab 5. I really need to use Deep Prime!

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See here.

Any day now. Hopefully this week.


If you need Nikon Z9 support right now (and you are on macOS), there’s an excellent solution available.

MetaImage also works effectively on iPhone 11 Pro DNG (wish I’d discovered it earlier) and any other images which need another Camera Model to allow PhotoLab 5 to open. The Nikon Z9 is not the last time MetaImage will be useful to PhotoLab 5 users.

I’ve seen that
Would like an update since it’s working with the other program


When will there be Nikon Z9 support for the two High Efficiency formats?

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Any updates on this?

Check here: Appareils supportés - DxO

High Efficiency support seems to be in preparation. Might take a while though… :man_shrugging:

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Thank you, yeah I checked that. It is been like that for a while now.

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