Nikon Z9 support for High-Efficiency (HE) RAW files

It is frustrating that there is no support as yet for Z9 HE files, nor for the Nikon Z 100-400 lens.

Both the camera and lens have been out for quite a while now. When can we expect support?



we will support that compression, it will be this year but I can’t provide a date yet.


PL version 6 is out. Still missing HE and HE*.

:frowning_face: Andreas

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adobe, on1, Capture one, all support HE/HE* now, hope PL support soon?


Will the PL 5 get the update, or do we need to pay for the PL 6 upgrade to get the HE/HE* support?

Yes, this issue is what’s keeping me from upgrading to PhotoLab 6 Elite. I think we all would appreciate the consideration shown to Nikon Z9 shooters.

I’m also anxiously awaiting support for Z9 HE and HE* in DxO PL. Hopefully before I’m forced to jump ship.

This is getting frustrating; we’ve heard that DxO PhotoElite “will support that compression, it will be this year” for some time now; any update from DxO would be appreciated.

Not sure why adding support is difficult, the SDK has been available for a while. It maybe that they need more time to get deep prime etc to work correctly before release?

@jpgrove For information the SDK is useless for us because it does the rawconversion so we couldn’t do RAW denoising, etc… We are still planning to support HE compression, unfortunately I can’t provide a date of support yet. Thank you for your understanding


Thank you, that does make sense. Appreciate the reply. Thanks

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I appreciate the feedback; for sometime we’ve been told support for HE would be “this year”. Is this still true?

In 2023 it’s more reliable. Thank you for your patience


Or 24 or maybe 25

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That’s disappointing to hear…in responses from DxO privately (email) and here in the forum the consistent answers was that support for HE and HE* would be this year. I’m not sure why this wasn’t conveyed earlier as we continued to support your software.

Unfortunately, DxO often reschedules the implementation of support for some new bodies and lenses from their original estimated date without explaining why. Those of us posting regularly here over the years have gotten used to that. The best I can suggest to you is it will probably be implanted in very early 2023. I understand your frustration and disappointment.


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Now we have “Nikon High-Efficiency RAW” but not “Nikon High-Efficiency RAW*”! Realy? Let’s wait another year for the full support of a flagship camera? Thats why we pay for DxO PhotoLab ELITE!

@Kolago Hello, we support both Nikon High-Efficiency RAW and Nikon High-Efficiency RAW*
Web page has been uptaded to be clearer.

Are you sure about this, because I was not able to open my Nikon High-Efficiency RAW* files with DxO PhotoLab 6.4!

@Kolago yes, could you, please raise a ticket with DxO support via this contact form page:
You’ll be personally assisted there.