Nikon Z6 last firmware v3.10 error with auto correction distortion in PL3.3 whit lens Irix 15 mm f/2.4

After uploading the latest firmware version for Nikon Z6 (ver 3.10),
PhotoLab 3.3 stopped working properly with lens Irix 15 mm f/2.4. When I try making auto correction distortion, PhotoLab shows error “Internal error (Error in Init)”. All “General purpose presets” with auto correction distortion shows error “redering error”. Only manual correction working properly and auto correction, but at prictures which were made on ver 3.00 Nikon firmware (before 3.10). I think Nikon has changed something in the metadata - please improve Dxo Optic Module for this new change.
I can upload sample files before and after software changes to compare them.

Hello @CrazyKetchup,

We already got a support ticket about that and analyzed the problem.
Now Nikon Z6 records a focusing distance information on images taken with the Irix 15mm and that value is wrong, outside the range accepted by modules.
Modules will be corrected in a few weeks, at the early beginning of September, and we will also fix the information in the next release of PhotoLab.


Hello @Marie
Thank you for the quick reply - I sent two files made with this lens before the version change (3.00) and after the software version change (3.10) in the Z6 to support (I was requested).

If you need comparative files from another lens, eg Sigma Sport 70-200 F/2.8, I can also provide it.