Nikon Z 50, supported or not?


Searched the forum and Internet for a solution, but could not find one.

I am using the trial version of DxO PhotoLab 3 (version 3.1.0 build 29)
According to this site, the Nikon Z 50 and its DX lenses are supported:,%20Z50,

But this shows, no DxO Optics module is available:

Oddly enough (for a DxO beginner like me), the available Z 50 modules do not show the Nikon Z DX lenses:

Something I am missing here ?

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You have the answer from DxO here:

It seems like your specific lens, 16-50mm, is planned to be supported next year, 2020-02.

Overlooked 2020-02 in the Support column.
So I will need to evaluate PhotoLab 3 using a supported camera - lens combo.