Nikon TICO High Efficiency raw format dark recovery

It has been noted that PL Elite is excellent at “dark recovery”, that is, making a dark part of an image in which no detail is visible to the “eye” into something akin to a HDR image in which the shadow detail is visible. However, there have been observations on other lists, fora, and commentaries that the Nikon TICO High Efficiency raw format loses some of the data needed for dark recovery. Two questions:

(1) is this factually correct?

(2) Does the DxO “magic” still extrapolate, etc, to have the same dark recovery capability as would be the case with Nikon lossless compressed, or is DxO dark recovery also compromised? For this question, DxO technical persons may need to comment; in the past, this might have been Marie, but evidently she has been internally assigned by DxO to other functions than this forum.