Nikon D100 RAW support (still) missing

Could RAW support for the Nikon D100 please be added?
Since I tried to re-edit some of my old files I had to find out that currently only JPGs are supported - which is kind of weird. I would like to take full advantage of PL4’s DeepPRIME or RuewRAW but without RAW support on my older camera(s) that’s not possible at all.

As a possible work around, have you tried the Adobe DNG Convertor to first convert your D100 raw files into a DNG raw file format, which can be used by PL4? The reason why I say "possible work around is that I can’t verify that D100 files are supported by Adobe’s DNG. But I would guess that they are, as backwards compatibility with legacy raw formats is one of the main advantages of converting to DNG file format.

Thanks for the hint Bryan!

But I already tried this as a possible solution and PL4 still complains that:

“This image cannot be processed since it was taken with a camera that is not supported by this version of DxO PhotoLab”

Kind of makes sense as the embedded RAW is still coming from the D100.
Btw. it is the same with all PhotoLab … tried PL4 down to PL1 with always the same error.

so far it seems that only JPGs are supported - hence the request.

To clarify why the DNG isn’t supported, either:

What DNG files are supported by DxO PhotoLab 4 as input? – Customer Support

Apple did a very good job with generic DNG support in Aperture. Supported cameras got tweaked settings, but unsupported ones still produced an image and allowed for editing, basic noise reduction, and the like. Providing this in DOP would make people very happy.

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Sorry that dng convertor didn’t work for you. I guess that the D100 is too old and its raw files aren’t common enough for DXO to support them.

I guess this would be an acceptable solution.
Honestly I can’t imagine I was the only one shooting RAW with the D100 (and btw. the original D1 had (more or less) the same sensor).

I wouldn’t call them too old … these are memories :wink:
The issue is that - as it looks - DxO doesn’t want to invest in old cameras anymore (which I can understand to a certain extend BUT they should have completed their job right at the beginning).
At a point in time I used the D100 I used Nikon’ s Capture 2 or NX and finding out after years of buying/investing in DxO that they did only half the job is quite disappointing. I was pointed from support to a DxO Webpage to raise my ask to get the Nikon D100 supported. But guess what … you can’t raise the request there (i.e. ) as it is listed as already supported (but JPG only - sorry for the screen shot to be in German but I guess you’ll get the point).

2021-05-12 17_41_07-Suggest Module - DxO and 8 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge

The only other option - according to the DxO support - is to bring it to this forum. I can’t afford to have multiple workflows depending on the missing support of “aged” cameras. Neither my old LR5 nor my C1 21 do have issues. Maybe I’ll have to walk away from this software and hope C1 will intorduce similar features as DeepPRIME noise reduction in their upcoming releases. The beauty of DxO were the simple usage of sidecar files …



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Just added my vote and a request to @Marie for some idea if this is likely to be possible and, if not, why? I have a couple of years worth of images that I would dearly like to work on.

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Exactly the reason why I started this thread.

All other software I use (like Capture One or even an old Lightroom version) do not seem to have any issues. And it should be more or less the same camera module/code as the Nikon D1. Both cameras were using the same sensor. No idea why even the Nikon D1 does not seem to be supported.

Only being able to work with a fraction of my RAW file (and in this case the old ones with all the memories not being available) would kill my workflow. So currently a deal breaker for me which means I will not upgrade to Photolab 5 :frowning:


OK, I note the D100 in the roadmap, we will probably do it at the beginning of 2022.




Whatever you do don’t let this slip. I have a major documentary project that I really don’t want to have to export to TIFFS or similar in order to process it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:

Thank you in advance.

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Great news!

Excellent news!!

This will give a lot of people a chance to breathe new life into some old memories (aka RAW files) including myself. As a suggestion … maybe have a look at the Nikon D1 as well. Since this camera was using the same sensor as the Nikon D100 it could be a no brainer to add this camera as well.

Generic DNG support would solve a whole lot of problems at once.

Have you tried FastStone image viewer?

Just make sure you change the preferences for raw to “actual size (slow)” or it will down sample it when saving into a jpg or other format.

And how does that help someone, who uses DxO PhotoLab for their daily work, to use DxO PhotoLab for Nikon D100 files? Especially if they use Mac computers?


The ask is to get RAW support to maximize the quality of the RAW file using DeepPRIME in order to improve the noise issues with older sensors.
If it was simply about the plain usage of the file itself I could use Lightroom, Capture One, Nikon Capture or even a free version of Nikon Capture NX-D.

Hope this explains the reason the request was raised.



Is there any timeline available on when we can expect the D100 RAW support?
Based on this discussion I bought PL5 and it seems there is still no support even with version 5.3.

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