Nikon D100 NEF files corrupted in DXO 6.1

Hi Ive been able to view/edit in other raw editors but there seems to be a problem in 6.1

See example below of what I’m seeing

No such problems here…

Are you sure you weren’t using the compressed NEF format when you took the shots?

Might be an individual or Win/Mac issue. D100 files seem to work here:

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Looks like a bit-length error.

Are all NEF’s like this or only a few?
Are the NEF’s Compressed or uncompressed?

Can Nikons NX Studio load and display them properly?

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I downloaded and tested a D100 NEF from here:

I worked perfect in Apples Preview in Venture 13.0.1, PL 6.1, NX Studio 1.2.2.

Yes I’ve used Capture one without issue and these are not compressed

What kind of file size are they?

And can you post one of them here please?

Hello @Cream17
Is the RAW-File straight out of the camera or has it already been pased trough Nikon NX or any other program? I suggest to open a support ticket and provide the original NEF for further investigation.

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Here you go,. here is a NEF to download.

Well, I’ve just run your file through ExifTool and found a couple of things of interest…

One of my D100 files…

[File]          Exif Byte Order                 : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)

Your file…

[File]          Exif Byte Order                 : Little-endian (Intel, II)

But, more interesting is:

My file…

[EXIF]          Software                        : Ver.2.00
[EXIF]          Compression                     : Uncompressed

Your file…

[EXIF]          Software                        : Nikon Capture Editor 4.2.1 W
[EXIF]          Subfile Type                    : Reduced-resolution image
[EXIF]          Compression                     : JPEG (old-style)

There are also other tags which are duplicated with different data.

Looking at the MakerNotes section tells me that you have processed this file with Nikon’s own editor and, in so doing, you have somehow corrupted the file in such a way that other software can no longer demosaïc it correctly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for me. I am able to open and edit in Capture one so not a huge issue, although I wanted to benefit from DeepPrime.

You could try to run the file(s) through Adobe DNG Converter and see if the DNG gets the metadata straightened out…

It does with DPL 6.1 on macOS Monterey

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I opened it in both Capture NX and NX studio and reverted it to the original state as it was shot.
It was not enough to get PL to open it unfortunately.

All other apps I have was able to open the parse the nef.

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I even can’t download it.


Full disk.
Saved it to another disk and tryd to open it in Irfanview, that only takes the embedded jpg. Nothing, failure.


@Cream17 Hello, The problem is due to modification of the NEF file by Nikon Capture. This bug will be fixed it but I have no date of release yet. On images straight from the camera it should work fine.

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Ah cool ok, I can wait

@Cecile-C are you sure you want to go down this path?

Quoted from a reply to a question I asked in the ExifTool forums, by Phil Harvey…

The problem in general is using older Nikon software with files from newer cameras

The Nikon software has come in several versions, which may all write the adjustments in different ways and Andrea’s file was edited in an older version (NX-D). I think there is also another discontinued version called NX 2.

The latest is NX Studio. I have just edited one of my D100 files in NX Studio, checked that the changes were saved in the NikonApp section of the metadata and then opened it in PL6 - no problem at all.

So, I suggest that it is the old NX-D software that is corrupting the file.

Here is a copy of my NEF file, edited in NX Studio…

DSC_0069.NEF (9,6 Mo)

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Or the even older old Capture NX/NX2 by NIK.
The NXD was done by ISL as is the todays NX Studio.

A lot of NX’s through out the times. :slight_smile:

When I remember well there was a problem with ViewNx2. Once edited in that editor the image wouldn’t open in CaptreNx2 either. Both Nikon software.


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