Nikon 300 PF + TC-1.4 III

Can the lens module for Nikon D500 and D850 with Nikon 300PF plus tc-1.4 III be added?


I’m missing that module too.

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This is a module I’d be very pleased to see. 40% of my work is shot on that combo.

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I would appreciate these modules with the Z6 and D500

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I’m waiting for that too. Well, for the combination of the TC1.4 II to be precise, but that’s optically the same thing as the TC1.4III. On my D500.

Nikon AF-S F4/300 mm PF + TC1,4 II and also AF-S F4/70-200 mm ED + TC1,4 II (to travel light),
both are splendid combinations (D750)

I’m still waiting (since 11/2019)…no reaction. Very sad.

have you ever requested here: Suggest Module - DxO

yes, of course - every year again. No reaction…

also requested – thanks for the link

Nikon AF-S F4/300 mm PF ED VR and AF-S F4/70-200 mm ED VR
share the same Tripod Mount RT-1 (got the excellent one from iShoot)

Maybe @Marie can provide some update on this.