Nikkor Z 24-200mm support

Is there an update on when support for the Nikkor Z 24-200mm might be available? Thanks.


Check this page:

Hi. Thanks for the link, but I can’t find the Z 24-200 on that page. Maybe I’m missing something?

…if the lens is not listed, DxO has not yet committed to a release date.
New stuff always takes some time to appear, the only thing that helps is patience :yawning_face:

Thanks again. DxO staff have previously said in this forum that a module for that lens would be released in November or December. As we’re now into December, I was hoping that they might be able to give us an update. As you say, patience is required. I’ve used PhotoLab for a long time and from previous experience with new products, this lens seems to be taking a long time. Maybe it’s got something to do with the pandemic.

…it probably takes a lot of time to fully measure a zoom lens against several bodies.
Take a few carefully set up shots with different zoom, aperture and distance settings, see what the distortion, sharpness and vignetting etc. values are and repeat for color corrections. This is not something that can not be done in five minutes… You also need a few lenses because you don’t want to define corrections for a single lens, but rather for an average.