NIKKOR Z 24–120 mm 1:4 S - Support

Hi there,

are there any plans to support this lens in the near future?

I also have this lens and I am also interested in when this lens will be supported.


this lens is planned but I odn’t have a date yet. We’ll catch up on Nikon Z lens as soon as we can.


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Thanks a lot for your answer, Marie!

hm, any news?

Has anything changed in the meantime? Is there any planned date?

Hello @Adrenochrom @Alan @NilsC ,

support of Nikkor Z 24-120mm F4 is now available.


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Perfect, thank you very much!

Super, thanks a lot!

I have downloaded the lens profile for the Nikon Z9 and 24-120/f4 S lens. Noise removal is fine. Wondering why the Lens Sharpness panel is disabled? It is always available with files from my D850 and various lenses. Thx.

@ecpics Hello, please provide some sample images. Upload them here - and let me know when ready. Thank you

Ah ha - I clicked on the Auto button and it expanded to reveal the slider options…I had clicked just about everything else. All set now - thanks for the offer to assist.

One additional question if possible - any idea about a time frame for the lens module for the Z9 and Nikkor 100-400mm S?