NIK4 not found in PL4

NIK3 was alive and well in PL4. I moved to NIK4, and PL4 is now saying “not installed”. Thinking the wheels had fallen off in the installation process, I tried to install NIK4 again and… The version’s already installed. Yea. I suppose. PL4 isn’t impressed by that.

How do I Tell PL4 that NIK4 is installed, and make sure the NIK4 tab appears in the default location NIK3 previously used in PL4?

I can only wonder what went wrong. Have you updated PL4 to version 4.3? (The release notes say support for Nik 4 is added.)

Did you have PL4 open and running when you installed Nik Collection 4?

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PL4 is up to date. I didn’t have PL4 open during installation. Generally, if apps are related, at the start of installation, somewhere there’s usually a caution to close everything first.

I uninstalled NIK4 and re-installed it. End of problem.

BTW, as expected, the installer said PL4 had to be closed before continuing.

No idea about why the wheels fell off the first time, but all’s well now.