NIK vs PL+Filmpack

Hm, Svetlana forwarded me here, so I am asking the same question again. Where is the use case separation between NIK on the one hand and PL+Filmpack on the other hand? For me it looks like so:

Viveza <-> U-points in PL
Silverefex <-> Filmpack B&W
Analogefex <-> Filmpack Filmemulation
Colorefex <-> Filmpack Color
RAW Sharpener <-> Lens Sharpness in PL
Dfine <-> Prime Denoise in PL

So most of the tasks/features are covered in PL somehow. Is NIK only needed for uses cases like PL -> Affinity/Ps -> NIK, where the user already exported his raw to tiff? I do not understand the master plan. :grinning:

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Indeed, similar thoughts have crossed my mind too. My guess is, that the nik technology will flow over into existing functions of pl. Simply adding new panels seems to be too cheap.
DxO might also use nik stuff to differentiate standard and elite products.
We’ll see…

Mainly acquisition of patents and licenses for a wandering popular product and extend the DxO offer.
Bruno speak about mix the best of both worlds.