Nik videos on YouTube marked private? Why?

I noticed that some of the YouTube DxO Nik videos are marked “private Video” and users are asked to log in to view.

  1. Why are they private?
  2. Log in to what?

Seems like posting of videos has slowed down again, both on the DxO website and YouTube. Looking for last week’s webinar which I missed, but it still has not been posted.

Can you provide a link?


Here is one. There were a couple.
Hope this works. First time it embedded the video.

marked private video

Where did you get that link from?


That could be anything. There is no title and no information about the video provided in your link. No indication at all that it is in any way related to the Nik Collection or DXO. As George asked, where did you get this link?


From the DxO Nik Collection Youtube page. Where else would I get it? That was stated clearly in my first post.

Can you give us a link to the page where you saw this link and the name of a video you selected which was locked?


Click on Nik Collection 3 by DxO Playlists menu option–4th in the Playlists option.

I tried to open it and clearly that’s a bug. I didn’t see any others with that same issue, but I didn’t try to open everything. I did open more than a dozen others with no problems. How many others did you find? If you could list the names of the videos that have with this problem DXO can address it.

Edit: There appears to be two items in the playlist that are marked private, Probably both bugs. Rather than using the playlist, tab use the videos tab. I believe all the videos that are available are in that tab, including the ones listed in the playlist tab.

In addition, here is a link to all the DXO Nik Collection Webinars with the ability to register for the upcoming ones.


First, when I get that Private video message I was clicking on the Playlist link, not a specific video, so no title.
If I click on the “video” picture, the Private video appears. If I click below on the “View Full Playlist” text, I get this:

I usually use the DxO page, but was looking for a video of a webinar I recently missed so checked YouTube as well.

That’s because YouTube is beginning require that you let them know who you are and what you are looking at, so they can better protect you from information deemed to be not in your best interest.
This allows YouTube to better make a distinction between who is leaving the plantation, and who can be trusted.

YouTube can stay out of my business. I will watch my choice of videos without their surveillance. It is a video about photography for pete’s sake. None of their business.