Nik version 3 on Apple Silicon MacBook Air

First Install of NIK v3 did not work.

Installer used: Downloaded from shop account today
Hardware: MacBook Air M1, 8+8 core, 16 GB Ram, 1 TB drive
macOS used: Big Sur 11.2.2 (20D80)

Umm it should do, unless you have previous versions installed, this can sometimes block the installer, but it would tell you.

It does not work here on MB Pro M1 8+8 core, 16 GB RAM 1 TB (Affinity Photo 1.9)
Mac OS 11.2.3

I would like to buy yr software, but … first it should work properly!!

I’ve re-downloaded the installer and it successfully installed the Niks on the M1 MacBook Air.

I know it’s frustrating, it seems that the plugins don’t work on M1 macs without Rosetta. If you run PS using Rosetta then they work fine.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get some statement from DxO as soon as possible

The plugins work in

  • Lightroom Classic
  • PhotoLab
  • Photoshop 22.2 and lower
  • Photoshop 22.3 only if asked to run in Rosetta

None of the Nik stuff is universal. This means that they’ll start in Rosetta, which takes a few seconds when they are started for the first time. Let’s hope that Adobe (and DxO) will release fully interoperable universal apps soon.

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You can’t be running Photoshop 22.3 then. If you are, then you are running it in Rosetta mode. It simply does not work with the M1 macs with the new 22.3 native update for Photoshop. It’s widely reported now on all major photography forums, blogs, vlogs, here, etc… It worked fine until 22.3 came out. DXO will need to update V3 to work with the new native PS 22.3

Sounds like what I wrote in my post…

As I told in previous message I have Affinity Photo 1.9 and not PS.
I made some tests: the “Nik stuff” work in standalone but there is no integration as plugins in Affinity Photo.
So I think the problem is not Rosetta but something else in between Nik and Affinity.
Am I wrong?

Can I use them in standalone version without problem?

I found no hiccups in using the apps standalone.