NIK v 5.7.0 will not install

NIK 5.7.0 installation stalls at 61%. This is the point where the old version is supposed to be removed. The splash screen has to be deleted in Task Manager but returns the every time the computer is started. It also identifies itself as being a 32 bit program while I have 64 bit W10.

How to I fix this?

How long did you wait for progress beyond 61% before giving up?

How are you seeing Nik identify itself as 32-bit? What are you doing to obtain that information?

Do you have any older versions of the Nik Collection installed?

Thank you Egregius;
I have waited overnight. The following morning. It is still at 61%.
It identifies itself as being a 32 bit file in its title.
Only the previous version of NIK (5.6.1) is installed.

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