Nik upgrade pricing for Adobe Lightroom users vs DxO users

Hi - as a current and paying customer for Photolab 3 Elite, Filmpack, Viewpoint AND Nik - the upgrade offer from DxO is £49.99.

And - according to today’s promo email from DxO - the same price offer to Adobe Lightroom users with zero investment in DxO products.

Have I made a mistake or…?


Isn’t the upgrade price for those who have a license for an earlier version of Nik from DxO? I don’t see how it matters what else you own a license for - whether other DxO products, Adobe products, or something else. So I think you’re misunderstanding the offer. That said, I haven’t seen the email.

I agree with you. The upgrade price is based on previous ownership of the Nik collection and it has nothing to do with how many other DXO products you might have purchased.


No - I’m one of those users who had a Nik licence pre Google and DxO disregard that status entirely.

Mind you - I had a licence for Optics Pro back in the day, and DxO disregarded that, too, when I came back into the fold.

Adobe Lightroom users are granted the same licence offer/price as current DxO customers. Which begs an obvious question: is there any reward at all for loyalty to DxO?


So let me understand this. You owned the Nik Collection pre Google which means you must have purchased it from Nik Software sometime between 1995 and 2012 when Google acquired it. That is at least 8 years ago and possibly far longer. And you expected DXO to give you a discount on an upgrade to your more than 8 year old version of the Nik Collection which you purchased not from DXO, or even Nik’s previous owner, but from the owner before that? Is that correct?

On top of that you owned an old version of OpticsPro at some point, did not upgrade it for some period of time apparently, and expected DXO to give you a discount on more current versions of their software? Is that correct?

I’m not sure how often you purchase new or upgraded software but I’m afraid your expectations for a discount would be unrealistic from virtually any software vendor under similar circumstances, not just DXO.

Further, the Lightroom users that owned the previous version of the Nik Collection are also current DXO customers, which you don’t seem to realize, and therefore they are entitled to get a discount to the Nik Collection 3. You are not a Iicense holder of the previous DXO Nik version and therefore are not entitled to a discounted upgrade.

Since, by your own admission, you have been purchasing or upgrading DXO’s offerings only sporadically over the years, why do you feel that entitles you to a loyalty discount? Buy the Nik Collection from DXO today and you will be entitled to an upgrade discount when they release Nik version 4. If you purchased Photolab 3, you will also be entitled to a discount when version 4 is released later this year.



Hi Mark - All of my DxO products are current, paid for, and correctly licensed. Including Nik - and that has been the case ever since DxO acquired it.

You (self evidently) did not understand this. At all. Despite the information being readily available.

That didn’t stop you…


where do you see Adobe user has zero investment into DxO for a special discount?

the 30% off is special launch offer with the price set at:
99.99$ USD for new license instead of 149$ USD
59,99$ USD for upgrade instead of 79,99$ USD

Actually I understood everything quite well unless you misstated something you wrote. Upgrade discounts are for those who own the the previous production version of a software title. That goes for Lightroom users that own a DXO product as well. I cannot see how you could believe you’re entitled to a discount on the DXO’s Nik collection based on the previous ownership of NiK Software’s ancient version.


Doubling down on your misunderstanding I see. It’s ok to be wrong - and you very obviously are. I mentioned older products being disregarded by DxO in an answer to another question.

All of my DxO products are current and eligible for upgrade prices as and when they come around. Who knows why you decided to ignore the information.


Hi - that’s answered my initial question regarding a reward for current DxO users.

Thank you.


I did not disregard anything you said. My response was based on exactly what you said. If you now own current versions of DXO software you, like anyone else, will be entitled to discounts on the next upgrade. If however you decide not to take advantage of that, and skip a version or two, do not expect to get a discount on some future version. That is the way it works. You specifically mentioned that DXO would not give you a discount based on you having been a licensed owner of an ancient version of the Nik Collection purchased from Nik software. Did you not mean what you said?


The thread started before your response and, because you ignored the information available, your post was silly and hilariously inaccurate.

Relax - it’s not that important. Thanks for the laughs nevertheless.


Hi Folks,

can we please continue to stay a friendly and polite forum, with respecting each other and forgive mistakes. :angel:

Actually I read everything you posted in this thread, but perhaps we are having a communication problem if English is not your native language. We may actually be in agreement on some things but it’s difficult to be sure based on what I’ve read so far. In any case we should stop this discussion before it gets out of hand. I get it. You are unhappy with DXO’s upgrade policy. That is unfortunate, but that is the way it is.


This is what I understood to be jist of the question from the OP: “why do existing DXO customers have to pay the same special offer price as non-customers who are using Lightroom? It’d be nice if DXO rewarded those, who have already invested in their products, with a lower special offer price.”

Or maybe I’ve completely misunderstood?

Yes that was his point. I’m not sure if he understood that the upgrade price of the Nik Collection is the same for everyone who owns the previous version. Lightroom users who own the previous version of the Nik Collections are also customers of DXO.