NIK UI Improvements

Given that NIK has been under DXO stewardship for several years now surely one improvement would be to convert the widely differing UI’s to a “house” style based on Photolab.

Viveza is virtually totally replicated in Photolab and the Photolab UI, stripped of all the necessary code would be a relatively simple conversion to Viveza. The plug in code from NIK would need to be added.

Silver Efex could be similarly converted in a similar way to how FilmPack is currently.

Bringing together the various apps in a consistent UI would give the collection coherency and improve the user experience. For example U-Points are handled far better in Photolab then in Viveza or Silver Efex. As far as I know you can’t just add points that are automatically in a group and there in no shortcut key to show the mask.

Once you have a consistent UI development costs should reduce as code is shared over many applications?