Nik tools 6 - missing scroll bar preset selections

Missing Scroll bar Nik tool6 - Preset selections:

I work with a wacom tablet.
I now have an issue with the preset selection, because there is no scroll-bar beside the presets
I only can walk through, using a mouse with a scroll wheel.
Forgotten scroll bar? bug? I have no clue how to scroll though without the scoll wheel from my mouse. It does not appear at least and I could not find any solution in the help pages etc.

Win10, AMD Rysen.

I use Nik tools 6 with Photoshop as with Affinty photo
Attached image with the issue.

true, no scroll bar.
on the other hand, you can scroll down with 2 fingers but… scroll bar still missing and should be there.

In meantime I detected per accident that when pushing the pensel to the tablet and move the pensel at that moment, a scroll, simular like the mouse scroll, is performed.
So it works now, but that was pretty unclear and not really intuitive.