Nik Software updated

With the new update to Nik software. I do not see any changes!
It is a shame that it still does not support 4k displays. This makes it almost unusable as I have said before.
Being a photoshop user it would also be great if when upgrading the interface could be make user definable. E.g. black & grey.
Looking forwards always


There’s something unclear. When I look at the version number of the Nik Collection in PS, I see 1.2.18. The download page says that the latest is 1.1. The plugin itself also says 1.2.18.

Could someone at DxO make a clear statement about this ?

There’s a new update?

Release notes with build changes are here:

A bit of feedback for DxO: it would be helpful if the release notes show official release dates as well as build numbers. Especially with Mac and Windows having different version numbers. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I second this request. A release note must be timestamped.

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