Nik Software & MacOs Big Sur

Hello, indeed it works when we update Catalina directly with Big Sur, I tested it. But if you perform a clean installation with big on your disk, it becomes impossible to install the Nik Software collection again. The launcher always indicates a MacOs version problem. I can’t see anything on the forums or on the publisher’s site. Do you have any information please? an update ? Big sur will be available in final version in October … an update would be welcome!
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I got this from support :


Our software will work with the public release of the software, it does not work on beta OSes, my apologies."

I installed Big Sur (public release) but the error message from the installer is the same :frowning:


Al actualizar a Big Sur me dejo de funcionar Nik Selective Tool 2, si me funciona Nik Collection. Al intentar instalar de nuevo me aparece ese mensaje del instalador.

Same for me! I don’t think they updated the installer yet.

Clean install here. Nik not working. Any plans for an update…? Like… this year maybe? Thanks for your effort.

Any updates here on Big Sur? Appreciate a timeline if you have one. Thanks

Same here : Big Sur, can not install,
os is not beta

Unfortunately, I have the same problem since I installed Big Sur.

Hey Dxo, have you planned an update?

I have installed the GA version and it still does not work.

Now that Big Sur is out, when can we expect to receive support and install Nik on MacOS? I tried the installer again and received the same message. Appreciate any info.

Apparently they fixed the installation problem and it should install on Big Sur without any problems. I just installed it now. The release notes now include Big Sur.

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It works for me. Under Big Sur 11.0.1 (20B29) I am able to install NikCollection3.
DxO Photolab 4 and NikCollection3 are working fine.

That’s right version 3 is installable on Big SUR, but version 2 is not yet. I hope I will not be forced to upgrade to version 3.

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Gracias, gracias!!! Por fin parece que esta solucionado el problema.