Nik Silvereffex Pro does not show OK/Close Button under Paintshop Pro 2022

Using Nik Silvereffex Pro (latest version) under Paintshop Pro 2022, no OK/Close Button is shown. How do I go back to PSP?


…closing the SFX window should produce a dialog asking to save or not.

Did you check the top menu ? Might have a option to “Save” , “Save As” and “Quit”. These options show only when it’s running in stand alone mode, by the way, that’s the way I run mine.

Hi Adriano,
The top menu is there, and I can use the “save as …” button and then “quit” to go back to the host application.

I cannot use “save”, as then SFX hangs, when it was opened out of the host application, which is somehow strange, as one can configure NIK as plugins in PSP.

Using “save as …” is similar to using SFX as a standalone application, but this is not the integration as it was in previous versions of NIK and PSP - unfortunately.


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Hi platypus,
unfortunately not. The app closes immediately without any dialog and all changes are lost.