NIK plugins for Luminar's eventual DAM

Aperture user here, hoping that Skylum adds Digital Asset Management (DAM) to Luminar soon that I needn’t bother with Lightroom. I know this is premature, but we’re talking about the future and this is my chance to voice my hope: If Nik plugins work with Luminar, when it Skylum finally adds gives it DAM, I’ll be ecstatic…

Nik already works with Luminar (or Google Nik does) so why should things change? In any event is that not for Skylum to sort out really? I reckon you will be waiting a good while yet for that DAM anyway and still there is no hint of what it will do exactly.

Yah, Google Nik works well with Aperture, too. I’ve been holding onto it for years waiting for something other than Lightroom to which to switch. Yosemite, the last OS on which Aperture will reliably run, isn’t compatible with PhotoLab, so I must upgrade soon. I’m only hoping to put this on DxO’s radar that, hopefully, the new Nik suite will evolve to be compatible with whatever Luminar becomes, if Skylum ever gets around to it…

the Nik work with Luminar, well… viveza need some tweak as colours are not right unless zoomed in, and Analog efex pro freeze when doing selection making you force quit.

I feel ya on the “get away from LR” syndrome. I too am waiting for a DAM extension for Skylum. I have had good luck with the NIK tools with Luminar 2018 and will continue to use them together…and wind up taking it all back and through LR. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I would vote for this innovation.