Nik Output Sharpening question

I watched a tutorial on the Nik Output Sharpening module and it raised some questions in my mind.

First, let me say that I thought I understood Control Points in Nik - create a control point to restrict the adjustment to only the area included in the Control Point - but that does not seem to work the same in Output Sharpening. When I create a control point in it and check the Effect Mask I am shown the entire image as being affected and I have to add a series of control points to remove areas I don’t want. That is not how I see the control points working in the other Nik modules. If I do the exact same thing in, say, Viveza, the effect mask shows me only the item in the control point.

What am I missing?

When I was learning and experimenting with printing high quality large format prints, there was a difference between “creative” sharpening and output dependent sharpening. I believe, and stand willing to be corrected, but yes, with control points you can selectively apply creative sharpening to an image, but then, apply output sharpening to the image, be it for print or screen. If you pixel peep the same images intended for different destinations, then it will be obvious.