Nik (or specifically Viveza?) changing file names

I use a date based file naming system for all my RAW files, and if I save a file to jpeg direct from PL5 it adds “_DxO” and if I process a file with a Nik module it adds “_Nik” to the TIF filename. But today, fairly randomly, three files came back from Nik with filenames completely unrelated to my original filenames, such as 6869-64bc-735c-2f5e.tif and bc44-b5c9-c305-2777.tif, which look to me like CRCs (in base 16). The first time this happened, there was one in a batch of 4, the second time two. This hasn’t happened before and the only thing that’s changed is I’ve installed the latest iteration of Nik 5. Could it be a bug?