Nik filters that I miss in Photolab: Pro Contrast, Contrast Color Range, Contrast Only

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I’ve been using Nik Collection as my editing tool for the last 10 years. The one thing I find missing from it is a good workflow in terms of managing one’s library since one has to open individual files in photoshop. I recently downloaded PhotoLab which I mostly like but I find that its missing in terms of capabilities compared to Nik. Specifically, I feel that ‘Pro Contrast’, ‘Contrast Color Range’ and ‘Contrast Only’ are immensly powerfull tools that I haven’t come accross any other editing software, and form the basis of pretty much every picture I edit. I find it very odd that there’s nothing similar to them in Photolab.

My apologies if this has been discussed before. This is essentially a feature request but I would like to hear other opinions. I’ve so far discussed this in person with another photographer who also has been using Nik for a long time, and it happens that he has also been using the three effects I mentioned as the basis of his editing workflow.


While I agree it would be nice to have Nik features integrated into PL, you know you can export photos from PL to Nik to use Nik features, right?

defeats parametric editing approach, no ?

You can use non-destructive edits in Nik (other than Perspective Efex). See the Nik Collection User Guide under Workflow/Non-destructive workflow.

I am talking about DxO PL… for example WB adjustments done in DxO PL on a raw file after there was an export of tiff to Nik automatically reflected in that same ( already existing ) tiff file received back from Nik automatically - w/o any need for user to do anything w/ Nik?

if not - those 2 separate parametric corrections together are not parametric as a whole …

I think you are correct in that one cannot have a file with non-destructive edits from both PL and Nik. Going from PL to Nik requires creating a TIFF file that is not non-destructive.

that’s a destructive workflow as it send .tiff file. there is some nice things in Nik that aren’t in PL or should i say work differently than in PL.

I agree with you. Would also add tonal contrast, but I used this less often.
Really enjoyed Capture NX with integrated NIK filters when I had Nikon cameras.
Note: I’d like to first see curves (with luma option) added to local adjustments. Luma mask with curves in CO is useful.

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and color grading, DxO should had introduced these 3-4 yrs ago.

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Indeed, this is right, but it doesn’t feel much different from what I’ve been doing in Photoshop. Let alone, when opening Nik via photolab, a tiff is created which, I feel, is awkward and breaks the workflow.

that is something DxO should work on… “layers” to bring it non destructive.