Nik Elite upgrade?

Is it possible to buy the Nik+Essential offer and then upgrade to Elite? What would the upgrade cost be?

Hello @kiririn,

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade to Elite, normally it is the difference between the 2 editions, during launch 49,99 Euro / $

Svetlana G.

Svetlana, that’s a reasonable and good offer. Why are those of us who own PhotoLab Suite in its Elite version and have already paid DxO for Nik getting shafted though on what’s really a bug fix version. I.e. we’re being forced to pay for software we already had and pay for bug fixes which we’ve already paid for.

This launch was really poorly thought out: it’s as if DxO wanted to anger and provoke its most loyal users.


The way people react is their own choice.
I do not think DxO want anybody to be angry.
I totally understand your point of view since I am in the exact same situation and I would gladly be happy with a discount but at the same time with all I understand here on the forum about the situation I keep relaxed and try to learn and use the software I have to make better picture. I do not have time to be angry and complain post after post. This only bring bad energy on the forum.
Yes I wish DxO could pay a bit more attention where it is needed (how to make long time user happy in the meanwhile - correct marketing to avoid confusion) but also that customers remember that end the end they are free to pay for an update or to wait for the next one.
May we all have a nice day of photography :sunglasses:

I fear that in the marketing of the last versions of PL and NIK DXO have really developed a very poor reputation for not actually providing any real content updates. I know they have problems, it was however DXO who created those problems via the One project not us the customers. The adverse reaction, to mainly the version 2 NIK in a very wide range of forums and blogs is totally counter productive to the survival of DXO. To compound the the problem by keep issuing very miner updates with for many welcome new cameras and lenses and calling them version updates with out being honest is making it worse with existing customers. It was unfortunate that the very day 2.3 was released that the new version of Affinity was as well. Two totally different models of publisher which doesn’t make DXO look very good I fear.


Dear Alec,

You are right, such a suite was mainly created and is interesting for the new users but not for the ones who are already PL users. Marketing has been notified about the current situation and I’ll keep you informed about the results.

Svetlana G.


Thank you for your kind reply Svetlana.

I’m deeply interested in any photographic tools which DxO creates or invents. I’m happy to pay even for significant incremental updates (so is Nasim Mansurov, notice he’s using a paid copy and not a review copy though he could easily claim one). The frustration here is that we paid for some updates to Nik in advance (I already owned and paid for the Google version). To date, Nik has been slow and clunky enough with issues on 4K so I have yet to use it as part of a regular workflow – though I and many others have paid to continue its development. This version 2 is finally perhaps a usable version – a direct link to Nik tools from within PhotoLab is very useful and it’s very well executed – but most of us have already paid for such an update in advance.

What many of us would really like is:

  1. good integration within PhotoLab: done, good job
  2. good integration to and from Affinity Photo: very confusing now, some of Nik works, some doesn’t, some only in sRGB – what’s needed here is uniformity, even if all in sRGB for the moment
  3. some performance improvement: what can be done without rewriting the engine

For a new version with either substantial functional improvement (honestly not necessary) or a rewritten engine (sooner or later must be done), I’d be delighted to pay.

I’m not even sure what new features exist for Mac users in DxO Nik 2. I’ve looked over the sales page carefully and been unable to figure it out either.

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Something must be done to end the confusion being caused by the wording on the Nik Collection home page. Two of the four features mentioned under ‘What’s New’ ( EDITS RAW FILES WITH U POINT and ADVANCED OPTICAL CORRECTION) are specifically related to the free copy of DXO PhotoLab Essential and are not part of the seven Nik Collection apps. To many people this will be viewed as deceptive advertising.

Many users of the Google or first DXO version of the Nik Collection who use it as a plug-in with Lightroom, Photoshop, etc., and who have no intention of using PhotoLab, will infer from the homepage language that the collection itself has been updated with functionality to allow edits directly to raw files and to make optical corrections. That, of course is inaccurate. People on this forum, and elsewhere, have already indicated they are very annoyed with DXO for this confusing and potentially deceptive text. The home page must be clearer regarding a raw workflow.

Second, the upgrade pricing is a slap in the face to those who already own both PhotoLab and the first DXO version of the Nik Collection. The Nik Collection along with a free copy of PhotoLab Essential is a great deal for new users who are not committed to a specific raw processor. I applaud that. But for those of us who are already PhotoLab Essential or Elite owners and are just upgrading the Nik Collection itself, the price is way to high.

Remember we purchased a minimally updated first DXO version primarily to support your efforts despite the fact that there were no functional changes to it. And many of us who believe in DXO continue to support you, but your loyal customers deserve a break and shouldn’t be paying twice for basically the same functionality as the original Google version. If the upgrade cost had been something like $30 USD, I’m sure there would be a lot less anger and frustration. For $60 USD people expect to see more than what we’re getting.




I moved the topic to the NIK part as it mostly concerns NIK (especially your remarks and suggestions) but I’m neither responsible for this part of the Forum nor the NIK app itself. So @DxOStaffPO it’s for you :wink:

Svetlana G.

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I was using the free NIK version for quite a while, then paid for the NIK by DxO v1. I can’t say I noticed much difference. The HiDPI support isn’t really there, Sharpener is slow on large images (e.g. 12MP). Once bitten, twice shy - I won’t be paying for v2 now, I’ll wait for another update and reconsider.