NIK download question

The NIK information on the Dxo website seems to indicate that the current download is only the Nik plugins. I don’t use Photoshop or Lightroom so I have never had much use for the plugins, but I do have the NIK stand-alone apps from last year on my system and use them occasionally in connection with PhotoLab and PhotoLine. Given that, I have a couple of questions for those that have downloaded the new NIK stuff.

  1. Is the download only the plugins? Or are the stand-alone apps also included?

  2. If the stand-alone apps are included, have they been modified in any way to make them worth the cost? The earlier apps were free.

  3. Is the NIK stuff usable in PhotoLab in any way other than using the export to app functionality in PL?

I have not downloaded the new stuff because I do not know if there is any nw functionality worth changing the free NIK app version for the $50 (soon $70) version.

Yes, they are included

I believe that export to application is the only way.

Is there any real difference between the paid version and last year’s version, which was free?

I have the free version and don’t know if there is any reason to buy the new suite. If I download the new stuff it will surely over-write the free suite and I will end up losing it. I do not want to do that if there is nothing really new in the new Dxo stuff.

I really can’t say. I have not used the NIK plug-ins in a long time (years),but decided to give the DxO version a trial. I have been very impressed thus far and most likely will purchase the package.

To my knowledge, the difference between the Google Nik and the DxO Nik is the older Google version is 32 bit while the DxO version is 64 bit. That means Google Nik will not run as plug-ins in older versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Check the requirements for the limitations.

Thank you for the information.

I do not use Photoshop or Lightroom, and use PhotoLab and AffinityPhoto/PhotoLine instead. I wonder if the new plugins would work with either. I guess I can give it a try.

They do work with Affinity Photo, at least in the Windows version.

I tried them with Affinity Photo on the Mac side and the colors were all wrong. Perhaps I need to change the color space.

I erred. The DxO version will not run on older versions of PS and PSE.

Yes, but I understood what you meant. The 32 bit versions would run on older versions of PS and PSE, the 64 bit version would not.