Nik Colllection 6 still showing in filter menu in PS

I have installed Nik Collection 6 using the official uninstaller & installed version 7, however all version 6 still shows in the filter menu of PS. How do i remove them from this menu as they are no longer installed. Thanks

Don’t have an answer but have the same issue with old versions of FilmPack and ViewPoint still showing in the Edit In menu. Same in Ps.

didn’t dxo stop making their software overwriting older version because many users were complaining about this?

But the older versions are no longer installed.

I have never removed a version of the NikCollection using the uninstaller, as every version has been overwritten with the new one. This is obviously not the case with version 7, previous versions are retained, at least version 6.
Therefore I don’t know how “properly” the uninstaller works. But what you can do is the following:
Search the following paths to see if you can find subfolders or files with “Nik6”, “NikCollection6” or “Nik Collection 6” as name or part of the name. To be on the safe side, I would then move these to a folder somewhere on the hard disk (and make a note of the path where they were located). If necessary, you can move them back to their original location.

The paths are:
~/Library/Application Support/DxO/
~/Library/Saved Application State/

(The character “~” stands for your user folder.)

Then restart your computer and check whether the problem is gone.


Thanks for that suggestion, but that didn’t sort the issue.

I found this post, & tool, which has FINALLY done the job.,save%20it%20to%20your%20desktop.

Hope this helps someone else too!

I have installed the trial version of Nik 7, and it did not overwrite Nik 6. I now have access to the both the Nik 6 & Nik 7 plug-ins in PhotoLab, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop & Affinity Photo 2. I seem to remember reading, that Nik 7 would install parallel to earlier versions of Nik. A parallel install of Nik 6 & Nik 7 allows access to Nik Perspective which has been removed for some reason from Nik 7. I must admit, I hadn’t given much thought about removing Nik 6, if the application was no longer required.