NIK Collection2 - Hi DPI not working in some cases

Support for scaling on 4K monitors is touted as one of the key features in the V2 release, and one that is very important to me. There are three specific cases where this is NOT working. If you launch Viveza, Dfine or Sharpener Pro from within Photoshop, those three plug-ins are still displayed with tiny, unreadable fonts and controls. Color Efex, Analog Efex, Silver Efex, and HDR Efex are fine. If you launch Viveza, Dfine, or Sharpener Pro directly from Lightroom (creates a separate TIF file), they DO display with the new readable scaling, but not when launched within Photoshop. Unfortunately, those are the three NIK plugins that I use the most, and I always go to Photoshop to take advantage of Smart Filters. So for most of my work, the only significant improvement in V2 ISN’T!

I’ve uploaded a screen shot showing Viveza within Photoshop, and you can see the sizing of the text and controls…

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Same here… ugh…

Same here as well.

Have you been in touch with support on this yet?

In this page

You can read
“HiDPI screens are now supported across all the Efex plugins in the Nik Collection 2.”

I know, this is only one word :frowning:

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I understand, but very often there is a technical issue, driver etc…
I do not work with a 4K monitor but a friend mine does and for him NIK plugins work on his 4K monitor.
So it must be a specific problem in your setup

Same here, not wasting my money on this “upgrade.” DXO support is useless too, only a canned response “as per the release notes, EFEX modules only.” No idea if or when 4K will be totally supported. I’m not waiting another year for an upgrade time to move on.

Just a quick clarification – they “work” on a 4K monitor, you just have a very hard time reading the minuscule text and control knobs as in the screenshot. When working properly, the text and controls scale up to what I have set in the system.

Started a new support ticket… I so don’t have time for this. against better judgement I shelled out more money before confirming 4K/scaling issues were corrected.

dlenardon - in his case they “work properly” - expected font size

The Efex plugins are the only ones which offer better results than the comparable features in PhotoLab so in this case DxO made the right decision here on which plugins to prioritise.

Most of the people using the Nik versions of Viveza, Dfine, or Sharpener Pro probably don’t have 4K monitors and may have been used to running Nik plugins without PhotoLab. You now have PhotoLab built-in to Nik gentlemen so there’s an easier and better way to sharpen and use U-point technology on your images.

I’ve encountered the same issues with Viveza 2 and am pretty displeased with the 4k support limitation of only Efex-Named-Plugins.
What kind of limitation is that?
Why are there even limitations especially if this is a costly upgrade for all the V1-owners who already have financially supported further development before the V2 release. For me it’s really difficult to grasp this kind of declaration of major and minor-releases. For a lot companies major (final) releases usually include feature-complete Additions, while minor-releases are not further enhanced with additional functions (but at least fixing well known problems like the 4k-issues with all the plugins). For V1-owners this is a big setback to now know, that major-versions will not be supported any longer than for one year.
If you think about that DXO since taking over NIK Tools has not added any additional functionality into the Tools itself, but only made them compatible (stable) and 4k-supported (some of the tools) for the latest Plugin-based Image Editors and we’re already at V2 (which both had to be bought)…
Actually i’m feeling pretty dumb now to have bought V2 in good thought (and invested again in DXO), finding out, that the 4k-support (the only fix i actually really needed for my 15" 4K Notebook) is not available for the full nik-suite, but only for a part of it and there is no option of returning the software after it has been activated with the key.
This is bollocks…


Fool me once… fool me twice… just found out the other NIK apps are indeed NOT 4k compatible! Everything is spoken in riddles and plays on words… PLEASE someone tell me I am not correct? This is unbelievable…


Can they really be limiting the 4K support to only the Efex modules? If so, that’s a royal ripoff!

I also got confirmation from DxO support that they only did the 4 Efex modules, and that Viveza, Dfine, and Sharpener are “as intended (not supporting 4K monitors)” for this version. Glad I checked before paying for this upgrade – I won’t be upgrading.

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Glad you got confirmation Dan, i’m still in disbelief.

If you feel that strongly and paid via Paypal, there’s very little DxO can do about you claiming a refund, as “Goods not as advertised”. Credit card companies will do it for you too. While I’ve paid for v2 and upgraded the extra PhotoLab license to Elite (Essentials is very inadequate as you don’t have no control to set up your palettes efficiently), for me it was borderline not buy at all as I haven’t had much use out of the Nik plugins (which I’ve paid for three times now).

I’m okay with it in the end as finally the Nik plugins which I care about (Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex) are finally properly accessible and run smoothly in my environment (Mac Pro, OS X 10.11.6 & 10.14.5, GTX 980 and RX 580). But if you aren’t satisfied with the updates there’s no way that DxO should be keeping your money and you shouldn’t let them get away with it.

DxO has abused the trust of its most dedicated supporters by running two upgrades so close back to back, with such narrow windows of complimentary upgrades and with a forced duplicate software buy (extra copy of PhotoLab Essentials). Trust of course is not one and done but this Nik v1 and v2 upgrade situation is not a good augur.


Thanks for the information, this is very poor customer service by DXO.
I’m happy to pay for the upgrades but resent that they only upgraded some modules to 4k support.


Not impressed that the most widely used plugins have not be attended to and the customers left in the lurch about there 4K monitors. I paid 1200 for my monitor and photoshop runs fine but my newly purchase plugin are too small to even work with.


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Also in Nik Collection 3, DxO has unfortunately not yet implemented HiDPI support (for 4k displays) for the Viveza, Dfine and Sharpener modules. After another inquiry in the support, DxO told me that due to the old architecture no update is possible, but they are still working hard on a rebuild. Let’s wait and see how many more years we’ll have to wait until the Nik Collection as a whole is working consistently again. :thinking:

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