Nik collection

Qu’est-ce qui amélioré dans la mise à jour que j’a1 reçu hier ?

Release notes can be found here:

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:tada: :trumpet: :checkered_flag: The dropped EXIF data bug is finally fixed? That’s great news! This was keeping me from making much use of the Nik Collection tools.

EDIT: Nope! It isn’t fixed! The lens information still disappears from EXIF after saving.

A direct link would be more useful.

I disagree, since direct links are language-specific.

direct links are language-specific.

Oh great go to the support website and hunt for the release notes. Thanks. It would be quite possible to link to multiple languages. To be “helpful” and provide links which don’t go anywhere specific is not so helpful.

Alright. If you think a direct link is better, just provide one yourself. Why are fellow customers obligated?

The point is that if someone is to post an answer, post the correct one. The original answer was lazy and seemed to be made just to up the posters post count. I’ve noticed many such empty posts from that individual. Noise to signal ratio very high. This exchange with you is also very low signal to noise so if you have an issue unrelated to Nik Collection please DM me to spare others the distraction.