Nik Collection

Purchased Nik Collection around a month or so ago, everything worked fine and this morning it stopped (haven’t done any upgrades). contacted DXO they advised uninstall and re-install, did that still not working. Can’t even enter licence key and states it doesn’t support photoshop or tiff files. DXO are no loner responding to emails (not helpful). Can anyone help?

Hi Mary and welcome. What platform are you using MacOS or WinOS?

Hi Mary,
Commiserations and welcome to the club. I bought Nik Collection 4 on June 2nd and it’s never worked. I’ve downgraded to Nik Collection 3 - which by comparison is brilliant. I have a couple of support issues logged with them; however, the support guys have stopped responding to my requests for updates. My feeling is that the code was so bad that they’re inundated with complaints, and there are too many to handle. Maybe one day I’ll get some code that works on my Mac, but I don’t think it’ll be soon…

Mine did work until this morning

MAC OS Catalina 10.15

They are not responding to mine either and when they did i only got half answers so now i was able to download the version I already owned but then the activation code says that i need to check my internet connection which is very amusing because if I click buy it goes straight to the new NIK page at DXO … they are either having a complete melt down or have designed the system in such a way as to force everyone onto the new slow and fairly useless stuff

I just did the most recent update to the Nik Collection last night and the speed is impressive

@Hisonor Thanks for posting about a new release. I did find the new release (4.1.1) to be noticeably more responsive in both Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3 on the Mac mini M1 (2020), Big Sur 11.4. Also, the addition of hot keys for certain functions are nice and I believe the sliders are more readable. The Release Notes for 4.1.1 list the changes for this release.