Nik Collection with macOS Big Sur

Hello, I do know that Big Sur is still in beta but still I want to ask this question.

When installing Nik Collection on macOS Big Sur (10.16 or 11.0), it gives an error message that it needs version 10.7 of macOS and quits.

Will there be a version on short notice that can be installed on Big Sur?

Thank you

CRICKETS. Can you hear them? 8-(

Does anyone from DxO look at these messages?

I have exactly the same problem. It seems the installer is operating in a non-conventional manner as OS compatibility should report as 10.16.

Hopefully someone can offer a workaround.

They are not supporting version 2 of their software! There answer, to me, was that I would need to upgrade to version 3. WRONG! I just bought v. 2 a year ago. Total BS.