Nik Collection, Win10, Photoshop 21, RTX 2060

When using a Nik plugin, for example, CF Pro 4, on a smart object in Photoshop 2021, the canvas will disappear soon after applying the plugin and making other adjustments. The only way to see the image is to close the file and re-open it. If no Nik plugin has been applied PS works as expected. I have the latest version of everything (PS, Nik, Studio drivers) as of today’s date. This has happened since the release of PS 2021.


I just want to be sure: is your Nik Collection by DxO version 3.3.0 - the version that was just released? As far as I know, that fixes some compatibility issues with PS 2021.

Yes. It’s version 3.3.0

I have a similar problem. I was hoping the latest version of the Nik Collection would fix it but it doesn’t. I have raised a ticket but here is a summary.

Photoshop 22.0.1, Nik Collection 3.3, Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 with latest Studio driver. Image freezes and cannot be zoomed or moved if I add a Color Efex Pro filter to a smart layer. Turning off “Use Graphic Processor” in Photoshop preference solves the problem but then I do not have the benefit of the graphic processor. Nik Collection works fine in previous version of Photoshop (2020).

There is a long thread about this at

I was hoping that either the updates to Nik or PS would solve it but neither have. Thank you for linking that thread. I had seen it previously and had turned off “Use graphic Processor” and this helped a lot, but I believe the problem still came back at times although I haven’t tested this for a week or 2. I have also raised a ticket with DxO as this is a real pain at the moment and I would like to get what I’m paying from both Adobe and DxO… here’s hoping!

I reset the preference in Photoshop and indications, so far, is that it worked to fix the problem. I am no longer getting freezing of the image when I apply a Nik filter to a smart layer.
Edit>Preferences>General>Reset Preferences on Quit

I would be interested to know if this works for anyone else.

I posted too soon! After several hours of problem-free image processing, the image freezing has returned. :frowning_face:

After resetting my preferences I haven’t had a problem, although I haven’t done much Photoshop. I’ll see how things go over time and report back. Thanks.

This is really disappointing. Color Efex 4 used to be great and I loved it. Using the latest Nik (just paid for it) collection and the latest PS on Windows 10. uninstalled, reinstalled Nik. Reset the preferences. And still nothing but glitches of all sorts. Can’t adjust layers, can’t zoom, can’t crop. :frowning:

I’m having the same issue with PS zoom freezing after using Nik. I had luck with turning off my rulers before opening the app. After returning to PS it still loses Scrubby zoom, but at least it isn’t totally frozen.

I raised a ticket about this problem. DxO asked me to send them some diagnostic info from my PC which they then forwarded to the developers. If you are having this problem and have not done so already, I suggest you raise a ticket too.