Nik Collection v2

m2 MacBook and trying to install nk v2 on my new laptop, seem it is not possible or am I missing something?.. does v5 work on m2?

thanks in advance

Nik Collection version 2 is compatible with macOS versions from 10.12 to 10.15.
The first Apple Silicon Macs shipped with macOS Big Sur, which is not supported according to this:

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v3 works very well and doesn’t break anything (no workarounds required) on my M1 Max running macOS Monterrey 12.6.3. I know that’s not what you asked, but v3 is the last version of Nik before DxO started to radically change the interface and compatibility (removing compatibility with legacy Photoshop plugin architecture which dozens of apps use – a real own goal). Good luck with v2 and be sure to report back your success and workarounds.

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thanks, read that v5 is compatible but… does DxO working for the coming Fall release of v6?

not really willing to get v5 if v6 is coming out this year. there’s what… 2 more app to finish so they’re done with the full collection? I’m on Ventura now even though my desktop is on Catalina and reaching the end of it’s lifespan. might just wait for pl7 and nik 6.

pl8 and nik7 will be better still. Why not wait for these?

Sarcasm aside, if you can do what you need, there is no need to upgrade imo. When you’ll finally update your hardware - check for possibly interesting news - you’ll probably be greeted by macOS version 14 which requires other versions of pl and the collection…

Start saving money and get the products that will be current by that time.

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pl8… that’s a lot of months of waiting =]
if they’re upgrading nik by 2 app every time, should 6 be the last needed to complete the full set?
i can wait till Fall for upgrading to next version (seem many are having some issues with pl6), then i’ll put my desktop to rest.

No, several apps are still packaged in old or different style: 2 x Sharpener, HDR and Perspective, all of which are shown to be universal binaries, while the newly packaged apps are Intel-only.

I’d also like it if the installer gave me a possibility to select the apps I want installed as well as the install location.

PhotoLab 6 is pretty good, apart from the dance with colour space. It seems possible to use the Classic Legacy colour space, which makes the colour issues go away. ViewPoint 4 has not created any issues for me either.

The programs which have huge issues are the Nik plugins which have been troubled in v4 and v5. It’s a complete rewrite which has now gone on for two full versions and probably won’t be complete in this cycle either. I’m happy v3 (albeit through Rosetta on my M1) works fine, with compatibility to be used as a plugin via other programs (v4 and v5 are less compatible).

I’ve been through the odd version of PL skipping v2 and v4. i couldn’t get v6 on my computer as it’s running Catalina and it is not supported by DxO so might just wait for the release of pl7. for Nik… it’s been a weird roller coaster, from v1 to v3 so i decided to wait for the collection to be completed, and now i can’t install it on m2 macbook, there’s still way around and transfer files from one computer to another, just time consuming.