Nik Collection Upgrade /w Photolab 2 Elite

Will Elite be updated with button to send a tif to one of the Nik plugins? Otherwise, to use that feature, we have to downgrade to Essential? Duh!

I have Elite and can confirm that when I upgraded to 2.3, I also got the button for exporting to NIK and it works.

I have the older free version of Nik and that works fine with it. PL2.3 Elite simply detected the old Nik and added all the shortcuts into the Nik button menu.

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Glad to hear that. Should be clarified in the promotional material for the Nik/PhotoLab package.

I can confirm the post by "tilltheendofeternity’. The version of NIK I have is the Google version after it became free. PL2 Elite immediately recognized NIK, thus, allowing quick access with the button

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