Nik Collection updates & Lightroom


Each time a new version of the Nik Collection is installed, a new entry is created for each plugin in Lightroom’s External Editors list, ignoring the existing ones (probably because the user’s settings are different from the default enforced by the installation program). It is very annoying to have to delete these extraneous entries each time.

Could you please finally fix this after all these years ? If the entry already exists, there’s no need to install a new one.


Have you tried submitting a support request, Patrick? ( A post here in the forums won’t necessarily be read by DxO staff.


I think I have… a few years ago.

The potential of this is, that more than one version of Nik apps could be kept and used … if the installer could be switchd to leave older (major) versions alone and implemented better versioning and/or Nik collection folders with version numbers…


Even if someone wanted to run 2 major versions of the Nik Collection side-by-side (which I doubt - good luck to anyone planning this), creating a new external editor entry in Lightroom for each plugin when installing a new minor version doesn’t make sense anyway.


it can be done. I did it a while ago and posted how I managed to get there. Having several versions of an app can make sense, specially when the app is being modified as we’ve seen it happen in the last few releases of the Nik Collection. Being able to simply switch to a different version has its good sides. Quite a few posts are about falling back to older Niks, and if we could keep older versions, we could update as separate apps and delete the old ones, once the new apps have been proven to work as expected.

Yes! Most apps I use allow multiple versions (incl PL!).
A key reason to do this is you need to keep the old one until you know the new one works on your system.

i was never able to install NIK v4 (endless reboot loop). DXO could not resolve this even sending me modified installers. The same thing happened with V 5.3> 5.4 although DXO did resolve that one eventually.

There should be no reason to not allow this.


We are now going off topic. If anyone needs and manages to run multiple versions of the Nik Collection side-by-side, I have nothing against this. If it is also necessary to have different external editor entries in Lightroom, each one pointing to a different version of the Nik Collection, that’s fine. But this need is both marginal and, as mentioned above, probably temporary. If this implies to systematically get a new entry each time an update (even minor) is installed, this is going too far. This affects the vast majority of users who simply update the NC when the new version is released.

I’m not aware of any Lightroom plugin creating a new external editor entry when updated.

More about this…

Since I didn’t want the installer to create duplicate entries, I selected Lightroom in the installer dialog listing the host applications for which the Nik Collection (6.2.0) will be added. Then I clicked on the minus sign, hoping that this would prevent the installer to create the new entries. Absolutely no effect.

Bug ? Feature ? Or did I miss something ?


Confirmed, I already reported the problem years ago. I have also sent a new request in April. Problem still there in version 6.2.0 and the minus sign in the installer’s host application list still has no effect.