Nik Collection updates, how do you know that there is a new version available?

I found out from the blog that V1.2.18.0 had been released, why was there no email to registered users informing them of this. What has changed between this release and the previous one? I find this lack of communication disappointing after purchasing DxO products.

This seems to be a misunderstanding. The version numbers are quite confusing. DxO Nik build is actually Nik release 1.1, which became available last year and was indeed promoted via an e-mail.

This is the version I installed last year. I’ve confirmed that it is and always was.

Many haven’t get an email about this update me included, and it came up in a thread regarding compatibility with Affinity Photo and also on AP forum.
The best way really to see which version you have and if update are available for you is to login on DxO website, check your account, it shows you your software you paid and version of them.

I never received the email. Logged on it says I’m up to date, I will need to check when the next update comes out to see if it’s a reliable way to check.