Nik Collection update

Apparently there has been an update to Nik Collection 2 (2.3.1 I think). The only way I can see to get the update is to download the Nik file from my account.

Is this correct? I notice the download is much smaller than the original download.

Seems like customers should get an email notification that an update is available since there is no way to know or update within the program itself. I only found out by attending a Nik webinar.

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After reading this, I checked mine.
Apparently I am on ver 2.3.
Upon checking in my DxO account, the software is up to date.

I do however agree that NIK should have some option of check for updates used by the vast majority of software. Either automated check at launch, or at least a manual “Check for updates” option in the menu.

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My account says my software is up to date, but Nik “about” does not show the latest version. So, that is very confusing. Plus never being notified that there was an update available.

Will try to install what I downloaded and see what happens. Hope nothing gets messed up!


There is no “check for update” in Nik plugin. Would be nice to have this option.

Checking in account / software doesn’t mean they are up to date even though it says your software is up to date. Last update of Nik 2.0 to 2.3 wasn’t showing and you had to download it again to get it while it was saying that software was up to date. Bug? maybe, same with PL3, its asking to install an update 3.0.0 to 3.0.2 when you start the program but in my account it says its up to date.

I opened one of Nik collection’s app today. A notification appeared telling me I needed to upgrade, but my account says I’m ok…

Yes there’s an update 2.3.1 if you check. Nice to see its now telling you.

I opened PS CS6 this morning to do a quick fix on a picture using Nik. It told me there was an update, but I skipped the update (because I wanted to be quick). Is there a way to start it now, because if I try to do the same again (open the photo in CS6, choose Nik Sharpener from the pallet…), I no longer get the message that there’s an update. When I try to call the filter in Affinity Photo, it does not warn of an update either, nor in DxO PL3.
I thought I could download from my account, but it looks like I’ve only got v.1 of Nik. I have an upgrade code (as an EA member), but this is not accepted.
I am currently running - Mac OS 10.14.6.

Try opening any Nik as stand alone or just go in your account on DxO website and download the Nik Collection from there, you’ll get the latest update.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried both earlier today. Opening as standalone did not call the update message. Going to my account only showed that I’m still on v.1, and trying to register v.2 (I am an EA member) resulted in a “code does not exist” message.
I will try again after supper, but otherwise perhaps I’ll get the same “there’s an update” message tomorrow, if I go through PS CS6>Filters>Nik Collection…
I will report back my progress.

OK. Although when I repeated opening a photo in PS CS6 and calling a Nik module through the pallet did not invoke the update (this morning), I was able to download from my account. Five minutes later, I was in business with v.2.3.1. Thanks for all help!

Got a similar situation here. Update was advertised with a popup that I dismissed. Now, there is no more hint of an update. My NIK apps list version (Mac running with macOS Mojave)

I don’t quite understand DxO version numbers. Maybe that there is a reason for DxO to sell version 5 apps as version 2? Similar mismatch on DPL: Update said is was version 3.2 and I got


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Yes last update PL is 3.1.1 (3.2 must be your EA version)
Not sure about your nik version 5 :face_with_monocle:

Uh, my PhotoLab version is 3.1.0 build 4301. No updates available to me. Don’t see any newer release notes for Win or Mac. Am I missing something? :upside_down_face:

The Nik versions: each app has its own version number, different from the bundle version. That’s pretty standard in my experience. I have Nik Collection 2018 version 1.1. From my logs:

Analog Efex Pro 2 (Standalone) Version Revision 61, 64 bit mode, built on Oct 30 2018
Color Efex Pro 4 (Standalone) Version Revision 61, 64 bit mode, built on Oct 30 2018
HDR Efex Pro 2 (Standalone) Version Revision 61, 64 bit mode, built on Oct 30 2018

I launched PL3 this morning and an update was waiting for that program: 3.1.1 (build 31).

I am:

awwww! got it!


CFX 4, part of the collection v2, has version number 5 and 2.3.1 (in brackets)…

Here’s the logic:


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