Nik collection update option

every time DxO has an update for Nik, there’s that pop-up showing up when you open one of the Nik app. this pop-up takes a good 2 minutes to load, nothing you can do while this procedure is happening and this is getting frustrating.

I know its parts of business advertising but…
there’s only 2 option : later or install now.

could that be possible to add “no” or “dismiss” for those who don’t want to update or see this pop up again?

thanks DxO

Numerous topics have been opened to complain about this. It would be great to see a solution implemented, if that hasn’t already happened for Nik 3.3. Do I correctly remember that the popups stop appearing after about a month?

Correct, those popups are only showing when DxO has a sale/discount offer.
On the other hand, having the option “dismiss” added to “later” and “install now” would be great.