Nik Collection is install in PSE 2019. How do I "move it" to PSE 2023

I have Nik Collection 5.0 installed in PSE 2019. Works fine! How can I “move it” to PSE 2023 without re-downloading and re-installing?

I already have it and it works (PSE 2019) but I needed to upgrade to PSE 2023 for new camera & lens support.

Check here for compatibility


what’s wrong to download and reinstall again in case Nik 5 would not work straight away?

After I posted, I found that the solution is quite simple: make a copy of the Nik folder and move it to the Plug-in folder in PSE2023. Done. Works.

(To bad technical support didn’t tell me that upfront and asked for all sorts of other things.)

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