Nik Collection Installation License


i have problems with my Nik installation it will not go forward - the installation freeze on the “license check” window
Antiviren Software is from Avast, i have also try to deactivate it Antiviren and Firewall nothing happens. Windows 10 1903 x64

Last Entry from the Installation Log:

2020-01-02T10:58:39] --> Compute license folder
[2020-01-02T10:58:39] --> Folder: C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses
[2020-01-02T10:58:39] --> Check current license
[2020-01-02T10:58:39] --> Execute activation tool ‘C:\Users\Martin\AppData\Local\Temp\nsq8872.tmp\activationTool.exe’ with ‘check --licensefolder “C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses”’

Someone have any ideas?

Installation from Photolab was successfull without any errors

Corrupted file maybe, try downloading again and install.

If it really is an issue with file corruption, why can’t the installer do a checksum validation on the installation file. If it fails then installation can abort with a message which is meaningful to the paying customer.
Simples or am I missing something?

A software registration might help, do it here:

Already done, same issue

Why should i register the software this is done by the installer and explain not why the installer stuck on this window - i dont get any issue. the window stuck and nothing go on

If its already registered, it won’t try to during installation.

ok so want i doing wrong?

i buy the software downloaded it and know try to install - but it stuck on the “check license” window

did you tried to register like @platypus mention above?
Windows OS, just ask Windows expert @sgospodarenko or try contacting DxO support by email to open a ticket.


Nik Collection is not my sphere. I’d recommend you to address all the problems with activations directly to as the further discussion will contain personal info like user ID, key etc.

Svetlana G.


problem is still present, but nobody can help, so anyone have an idea why the installation stoke on "license check window?

i have alread tried the dx0 3 version

Follow these steps.

The suggested solution in that video seems a bit nuclear to me. :flushed: For instance, it will purge all DxO license data. Fine if all you have from DxO is the Nik Collection. But it’s fairly easy to dig into these folders and edit/remove the parts only having to do with the Nik Collection. Of course, I appreciate that DxO might need to fix something to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Hi Martin, did you find any solution to this problem? I am facing the same problem and can’t find how to fix it.

Hi samer,

No :frowning: i tried also the stuff, deactivate firewall, Antivirus, ethernet. Nothing helps also the support cant help me, i have a support ticket since january 2020 and i cant use the product. I also send diagnostics to the support but no reaction.

Maybe you have more luck, please share if you have any solution. Same problem as the beginning window stuck on “check license” and nothing happen