Nik Collection i aks for a refund

since it’s more than a month that i wait for a fix about silverEFEX 3 and Viveza 3 that crash while starting even without showing the activation windows.
i want a refund of my money

is unbeliavable that the craked version works fine
so this is the deal
you deserve that people use the cracked version and you will never have my money again

so how i can ask for a refund ? any info ?

Contact support, but if I’m not mistaken… after 30 days you may not get refund.

If you want a refund, contact support. They might (they don’t have to - it’s in the licence agreement apparently) give you a refund. To do this, they will insist on remotely accessing your computer to ensure that your license key is ‘properly’ removed. To do this, they’ll ask you to install Teamviewer 15.

I initially asked for a refund, but decided I didn’t want to allow anyone, however trust worthy, on to my lap top and just to wait until the bugs are fix - as they will be.