Nik Collection I (2018) User Manuals

I am organizing my information about the Nik Collection 1 which I purchased in 2018 and realize that I do not have a manual for the different parts. I do not see anything on the DxO web site. Can anyone help me?


Nik support is located here:

As far as the page shows, User Guides are available for Nik Collection versions 3 & 4. Earlier versions’ guides seem gone.

Try to get a copy through this page:

@Lynnea1941 – with some research you get all sorts of articles / guides / manuals / brochures

Thanks, I have done a lot of searching and have found lots of information, but I do not have a complete manual for all the programs. I can certainly discover through trial and error the difference between Color Efex Pro 3 and 4, but it would certainly be wonderful if DcO were to provide that information.

Was there ever a user guide for Nik 2018 and Nik 2? I don’t remember them.