Nik Collection help page/user manual

At last week’s webinar on Color Efex, we were pointed to a Filter List page in the online user manual. Since I have a downloaded PDF version, I checked that first and discovered that section is not included in the created PDF version. Apparently, similar gaps in information occur in the pages for the other Nik Plugins.
It is also not possible to create a PDF of the Filters page using the PDF creation tool–an error message appears.
It would be nice to have all of this missing information included when a PDF download of the Help files is generated. I, and many others, do not work online all the time and need a complete offline user manual.

I think it would be best to submit a support/feedback request at for this. I don’t think this sort of need is handled in this forum.

Done. Will see what happens.

Contacted support. They answered and said will look into it, but nothing further as far as I know.