Nik Collection - HDR -

I recently purchased the new DXO Nik Collection collection, and when I start Nik HDR Efx Pro 2, I can only open the files in.jpg format.

I would have liked to start from a raw or a tiff, that would have given me a better definition.

Is it planned, is it an installation problem or something else?

Thanks for your return.

I have no trouble loading TIFF files in HDR Efex Pro 2. (No, it won’t process RAWs.) How are you launching Pro 2? Do you export from PhotoLab/OpticsPro, drag-and-drop an image file to the executable, open the file from within the running Pro 2 application, or something else?

I am on a Mac and it works with tiffs. What platform are you?

Hi Greg,
I open the ik HDR Efx Pro 2 directly from my Explorer (Windows 7), and if I click on “Open a file”, I see only “.jpg” extension format. No Tiff or anything else.
Hence, my question, because it seemed to me that it was possible to open Nik HDR Efex2 Pro and have other file formats before.
Next week-end, I’ll uninstall the Nik Collection, make some clean in all DXO folders relates to Nik Collection and make a new installation.
I didn’t try to open it from Lightroom or DXO PhotoLab2 for the moment.
I let you know when I’ve try it.
Thanks for your return.

I think you just need to change the file type in the Open dialog window. Click on that, underneath the file name field.

Hi Greg,
I’ve uninstalled and installed DXO Nik Collection and cleaning up all my folders where I can found any information about Nik Colletion.
So, when I launch directly, that’s I want, I get only a .jpg open file, like shown in attachment.
If it’s “normal”, I think it’s a little too bad if we can’t open another format.
But if that’s the way it is, I’ll try to work more on my photos for development, while losing definition.
If there’s a another option, let me know.


OK, thank you. I can confirm that my Efex Pro 2 also only allows me to select the JPEG image type in the file browser’s extension selector. However, the browser doesn’t only show me JPEG files. I also see files with extension .tif. So it seems to be only a minor bug. I can see, select, and load .tif files as well as .jpg files.