Nik Collection - Google, and/or DxO

Before installing Nik Collection from DxO, I already had the Google version installed and running. I’m pretty sure I installed the version I purchased from DxO, which means it likely wrote over the old files. In hindsight, I should have uninstalled the old version first.

When I look at the applications, or open one, how can I tell if it is the old version from Google or the new version from DxO that I bought?

And I guess I should also ask, does it make any difference? I suspect it is the identical program, but I think DxO added more of the special filters - but the basic filters are the same in both versions. Is this true? If so, I don’t need to worry about it any longer.

I own the old, free Nik Version and after opening a photo for example in CEP a klick at right upper corner “Nik Collektion” opens the info sign. So you will see the version

Thank you - problem solved, I am running the older Google versions, not the new ones from DxO.

Does it make any difference if I leave things as-is, or upgrade to the new version that I already bought?

For me it wasn’t a problem. I installed old Nik a few years ago with one of the first DXO V2 versions. Afterwards I’ve gone the update/upgrade path to the actual version and haven’t had some problems.
Good luck :innocent:

Since I own both the Google version and now the DxO version, if I simply install the DxO Nik Collection, will it replace the original Nik files with the new ones?

I can use the original Nik Collection on all my computers. With DxO, I am limited to only my laptop (for when I’m traveling) and my desktop (for when I am home).

Am I correct that any software I get from DxO is limited to my laptop and my desktop, and that even then, I can’t use both computers simultaneously?


Yes, per section 2.1.c. of the license agreement here:

Thank you. I guess you can close this thread now, no further questions.

(I was so impressed with what the DxO software could do, I bought all of it several months ago, when I was overseas, and now that I’m home I am installing it on my main iMac desktop computer. I also signed up for the “photography plan” with Adobe. The more I use PhotoLab, the less need I have for the Adobe programs. I hardly ever use Photoshop for image editing, and with very few exceptions, I have been replacing my need for Lightroom by using PhotoLab instead. If/when DxO provides a means of adding a “watermark” as I now do in Lightroom, I could probably stop using Lightroom all together. Thanks for your help.)