***Nik Collection Early Access program is starting for 2021-2022! (All information to apply inside)***

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We’re starting Nik Collection’s Early Access program for the 2021-2022 period!
As for last year, you’ll find all needed information on this post!

And as always, enjoy and spread the words to people who may be interested in participating.
We count on you :wink:


What is the Early Access (or Beta-Test) program?
Beta-test program allows the participants to thoroughly test unreleased future versions of our software, while discussing directly with the product owner and the development team.

Who can join?
Everyone who wishes to actively use our software, whether as a main or secondary solution to edit their RAW files and photos.

What do we want from you?
We’d like to remind you that being part of beta-testing, and directly in contact with the people who craft this software is a privilege.
So we expect you to follow 4 simple rules :

  • Actively participate in building the future of the Nik Collection: As we continuously deliver beta versions during the year, we’re asking you to give us feedback on a regular basis. We can understand that some timeframes can be busier than others, but as long as we hear from you regularly, that’s all what matters.
  • Stay polite and respectful towards the DxO staff and, of course, other forums members: This is a must. No one is here to troll, feed the trolls, or act as a punchingball for others. Suggesting things and give feedback shouldn’t be an opportunity for some to show off superiority or anything. We’re all at the same level and work towards the same goal : improving our product so it will fit your needs better and better.
  • Be patient: We do our best to always read, think on and take into account your suggestions and ideas. That’s why we ask you to be patient and understanding, even if we take a long time to answer to your posts, or to have requested features implemented in the software. Some will be implemented fast, some will take longer, or won’t at all, as we have to follow specific strategies.
  • Confidentiality: to be part of this program, you’ll have to sign a NDA anyways, so we expect you to strictly respect this agreement.


I’m already a DxO nik Collection Beta-tester, do I have to do anything to be part of the new program?
If you are already beta-testing DxO Nik Collection, you’ll have to apply to this new program.
We want it to be an active and personal decision, and not some automatic status set for you.
Basically, if you apply, fill the prerequisites and are notified to be accepted, you’ll keep on getting access to the private part of the forum. Otherwise, your account rights will be reseted to standard after the 14th of december.


>>> How to apply? <<<

First create an account on this forum (if not already done) and then send a direct message to @DxOStaffPO, on this same forum, with the following informations:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • email adress you wish to use to be notified
  • What country are you from?
  • What platform do you use (Mac or Windows)?
  • What is your hardware configuration?
  • Are you a professional photographer?
  • What is your main type of photography?
  • What photographic gear do you use?
  • Do you already have a personal licence of Nik Collection or other DxO Products ? Which versions?
  • What other solution(s) do you use on a regular basis in your workflow?

Note that we need to have this information to validated your profile, so please, take the time to send a complete one.
And YES, even if you already were a Beta-Tester, you’ll also need to send these information in order for us to have an accurate and up-to-date profile.
One final note: do NOT post personal information on this topic


Once you’ve applied, you’ll be notified if you’re part of the program or not by the 14th of december at the latest, so two weeks from now.

Please don’t send message to have an updated status in the meantime. You’ll have an answer anyways. So once again, as long as you’ve sent all the required information, you’ll just have to be patient.

If you have any questions please let us know by replying to this topic.
We repeat: Please, do not post your application on this topic. Only by direct message to my account. :wink:

We hope you’ll be part of this new adventure and wish you a great day and week.

Best regards,
The DxO Team.


Unsure how to direct message DXOStaffPO…

Right-click on this → @DxOStaffPO and open as a new tab or page.
The blue “Messgae” button should be in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Make sure you are logged in into the forum, otherweise the “Message” button will not appear.

And delete your message in this forum, as all your personal details are available to anyone who wants to harvest them

Bonjour Serge.

Étant donné que tu ne comprends pas l’anglais, je te dirai que, en rédigeant ton message dans ce forum, tu ne sera pas considéré comme candidat pour le beta. Il faut relire les instructions et d’envoyer un MD (Message Direct) à CaptainPO. Puis il faut supprimer ton message dans ce forum publique qui contient tes coordonnées personnelles.

I replied with a private message to @DxOStaffPO and find the sent message under my account page.
I suppose that answers will be sent after December 14th.

Attention: For Nik and PureRAW, you must send your info to @DxOStaffPO, not @CaptainPO !


Quand même, tu as laissé tes coordonnées dans ton message dans ce forum publique pour que tout le monde puissent te spammer. En plus, le message ne sera pas lu par les administrateurs du beta et tu ne participera pas. Seulement ceux qui ont envoyé ses détails dans un MD seront considérés.

Tu lis le message de @platypus ou @oohmyheck et tu suis le lien pour cliquer sur le bouton “Message Direct”

@Joanna - I didn’t need your 2 cents if you weren’t helping with the problem and clearly you weren’t

It’s become more of pain than I thought! Your method did not work howeve I did manage to get the message window to appear. after I fill out my information and hit the message button this appeared: “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user”

@oohmyheck @syfleury @Photoman157

Just to let you know, all messages, that contain personal details, wrongly posted to this forum are now being automatically flagged for deletion.

And to remind you that, if you don’t apply with the approved DM, your application will not be considered.


@Joanna was just trying to help you. This snarky reply was uncalled for.


Those of us who know the ropes try to help newcomers interested in joining the Early Access programs to navigate the somewhat confusing application process. That process includes not posting your personal information in this thread which is indicated in the instructions at the top.

There was no need for your nasty response to @joanna, one of our most respected members, who was only trying to alert those unfamiliar with the correct process. People who post the requested information in this thread instead of sending it in a personal message to @CaptainPO will not be selected for the EA programs.


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Unfortunately everyone has different views on helping and I could see no help in her comment! Help would be providing a solution to people being unable to message the DXOStaffPO. Plus I’m pretty sure I didn’t post any personal data!!!

I appreciate your reply. However, trying to follow the directions posted as to where to post and how to post is NOT working. When trying to reply directly, as directed, I get the message you cannot post directly to @DxOStaffPO So…I keep looking for the “message” tab that has been stated will work when signed in, and that doesn’t materialize. I’ve also logged out and tried on another browser, thinking maybe Safari isn’t supported and still the same problem, So with that said, several of us are in the wrong forum, the links that we’re supposed to see/use are missing and/or broke, or DXOI has reached their max participants or they don’t want us. I personally do not know what else I can do and I guess I’m not going to waste any more time on this since no one else has bothered to point me in the right direction, tell me I’m wrong etc…I’ve been a Beta tester for other programs before and have never run into this much trouble!

@Sigi I’m logged in :frowning:

Ed. That message was not in direct response to you, it was a general reply to the topic for everyone.

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@syfleury @Photoman157

Why are you continuing to post your details in this conversation when you have been told several times it will not get you on the beta program?

If you can’t even follow such simple instructions, are you sure you will be of any use to the beta test, where accuracy and relevance are important?

Why sho uld OI bother with testing, when your site cannot provide an accurate link to register ???
Forget me as I will forget you and you r software

I finally got an appropriate and effective answer from someone of theDXO staff